The Abraham Trilogy is a series of videos that were planned to be released annually on May 31 of each year, but due to changes in the plan for the Abe series as a whole, it was cut short at Part 2, although a joke video was created in the place of Part 3. 

In them, Abe does completely random crap until the end of the video. Contrary to Abraham Shorts, Abraham Trilogy videos never tie in with the story at all, and might as well be non-canon.

Abraham Trilogy videos are Phase 1 style videos.


  • The development of Part 1: Abe Gets a Blowjob took about 2 weeks, while the development of Part 2: Abe Paints the Town Red started in September of 2011 and ended in May of 2012, making it the longest development of an Abe story to date. However, due to the time difference, it turned out to be more like older Abe videos than newer ones at the time.