Sarmon Darkwatch
Character Info
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death Date 2011
Debut Alex Mania and the Quest for the Mystical Rope - Part 5
Voice Real life Sarmon Darkwatch

"You came to the wrong one, you idiot! You idiot! You came to the wrong one!" - Sarmon Darkwatch

"Wh-which one did you say?" 

"Yeah, which one did you say?" - Alex Mania

Sarmon Darkwatch is the Temple of Destiny parallel to Alex Mania, and the previous owner of the Mystical Rope. He lives at an identical house to Alex Mania's own. Upon Alex Mania's arrival, he shoots Loli, seemingly killing her

While battling, it is an even match between Sarmon Darkwatch and Alex Mania, but eventually Alex Mania gains the upper hand and wins the battle, being able to take home the mystical rope.


  • Alex Mania and the Quest for the Mystical Rope - Part 5

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