Sarmon is the first character ever conceived in the Abe universe. Sarmon's initial character was the one who fell down  

Sarmon (Original)
Character Info
Gender Male
Status Never Introduced

the stairs all the time. This trait eventually ended up as Abe's signature trait. Over time, this trait faded out of existence entirely. 

During Sarmon's second stage of development, his catch phrase was "...and then I took a poop." with a Southern accent. Sarmon would take shits in random places all the time and he was proud of it. 

Eventually, Sarmon's character faded entirely, and the remains of his character (basically just his stupidity) were carried over to the character of Alex Mania, who was first conceived during the production of Abraham Trilogy - Part 1 and Abraham Short - Abe's Strip Club Adventure

There is an entirely different character in the series, Sarmon Darkwatch, whose name comes from the same individual whose name the original character came from.