Munch Sanchez
Character Info
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birthday October 31, 1975 (Age 36)
Debut Abraham Special - Abe and Alex Mania Go Trick-or-Treating
Voice Cepstral David
Family Harmony Sanchez (sister)
Favorite Thing Ever Anime.

"What the fucking heck. I'm so alone. I don't have anyone to dance with. I don't have any friends, I masturbate to cope with that fact." - Munch Sanchez

Munch Sanchez is the best friend of Godfrey Rodriguez due to Harmony's death. He is obsessed with anime

Abe hates him, although Munch Sanchez never realizes it.

His first appearence was in Abraham Special - Abe and Alex Mania Go Trick-or-Treating.

As revealed in The Final Days of Abraham Special - Abe's New Year, Munch Sanchez has been the mayor of Reno from around Valentines Day 2012 until 2016, and Munch decides the date each week. Munch prefers it to be 2011, and so the year has been 2011 since a few weeks after Valentine's Day 2012.

Prominent Appearences

  • Abraham Short - Afro Stew is Back in the Mix
  • The Final Days of Abraham Special - Abe's New Year

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