Melody Rodriguez
Melody Sanchez
Character Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birthday March 29, 1991 (Age 20)
Debut Abraham Short - Godfrey's Melody
Voice Cepstral Amy
Family Godfrey S. Rodriguez (Father)

Harmony Sanchez (Mother)
Abraham P. Rodriguez (Uncle)
Munch Sanchez (Uncle)
Erma Rodriguez (Great-Grandmother)

Melody Rodriguez is a character who first appears in Abraham Short - Godfrey's Melody

She was born in 1991 to Godfrey S. Rodriguez and Harmony Sanchez, but her existence was hidden from Godfrey, as Harmony died before she could properly tell him. Melody lived alone out on the street for most of her life. 

As of Abraham Short - Godfrey's Melody, she is living with Godfrey.