Megalo O. Mania
Megalo Mania wiki
Character Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birthday February 14, 1998 (Age 13)
Debut Abraham Special - A New Challenger
Voice Cepstral William
Family Alex Mania (Brother)
Hank Mania (Uncle)
Isaiah Mania (Uncle)
Jackson Mania (Uncle)
Shits Mania (Uncle)
Rodney Mania (???)

Megalo O. Mania is the sister of Alex Mania. She, unlike most of the Mania family, does not perform auto asphyxiation. She is a female, but she acts and tells everyone she's a male, despite the fact that she obviously isn't. The is only interested in women, with the exception of Abe.

For an undetermined number of years, she lived in Columbia with Shits Mania

Prominent AppearencesEdit

  • Abraham Special - A New Challenger
  • Abraham Short - Alex Mania and Megalo Mania Spend Some Quality Time
  • Abraham Short - Abe and Megalo Go To the Zoo

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