Lawrence ???
Character Info
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birthday November 30, 1951 (Age 60)
Debut The Abraham Trilogy - Part 1: Abe Gets a Blowjob
Voice Cepstral Lawrence
Family Bonnie Farmer (Biological mother)?
Steve Farmer (Biological father)?

"Take that, bitch." - Lawrence, to Allison shortly after killing her.

Lawrence is a Cepstral voice that is used as the narrator for the Abe stories, eventually developing his own character. 

Although he narrates, he is also an extremely important character in the series. He often interrupts the story to add in his own points, or to talk about his life. The first instance in which he is ever referred to as a character is in Abraham Short - Abe Brings Out the Best in Sims 3, where Alex Mania survives his auto asphyxiation session and he "quits" (although he can't, technically), causing Allison to take over and tell a false life story, until finally, Lawrence shoots Allison dead, and she still has never appeared in another story to date. 

It is incorrectly stated in his autobiography that he was born in 1931.

He is extremely interested in his family history, and has uncovered many mysteries that need solving in his life. In Abraham Short - Alex Mania Goes on a Liesurely Stroll 2, he states that there was never any record of anyone in London or Reno with his mother and father's names, and uncovers mysteries involving the deaths of Brian Fowler, Lawrence Fowler, and Maxwell Fowler in Reno in the year 1647.

Prominent Appearences

Lawrence is the narrator, and narrates every single Abe story.

Centric Episodes

  • Lawrence's Autobiography
  • Abraham Finale - The Numbers
  • The Final Days of Abraham Special - Abe's New Year