Harmony Sanchez
Harmony Sanchez
Character Info
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birthday July 19, 1976
Death Date 1991 (Age 15)
Debut Abraham Short - Godfrey's Harmony
Voice Cepstral Amy
Family Munch Sanchez (Brother)
Melody Rodriguez (Daughter)

Harmony Sanchez is Munch Sanchez's sister and Godfrey's love interest. She, like Godfrey, was born in 1976. One day in 1991, at age 15, on a date to the rollerskating rink with Godfrey to see Abe and Munch Sanchez, Abe lost control of his skates and slammed into Harmony, killing her permanently. This act was the sole reason for Godfrey's desire to exact revenge on Abe for ruining his life.

It is revealed that Harmony is very much like Godfrey, as she is very smart. It is also revealed that the time machine that appeared in Abe Travels Through Time: Abe and Godfrey Save Time was initially conceived by Harmony, who planned and built it, but could not use it due to the lack of a power cel, though she concluded that it could only be used for evil anyway, so there was not much of a point.

Godfrey went on to finish the time machine and use it to try and kill Abe and his family and place himself in a better family, with his plan failing horribly.


  • Abraham Short - Godfrey's Harmony

Set for appearence

  • Abraham Short - Godfrey's Melody (Mentioned)
  • Abe vs. Machine (???)