Estefani Santiago
Estefani Santiago
Character Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birthday January 26, 1987
Death Date 2011
Debut Abraham Finale - The Numbers
Voice IVONA Penélope
Family Kids.
Estefani Santiago is a Puerto Rican woman from Abraham Finale - The Numbers. She aids Abe, Alex Mania and Lawrence by showing them Reno on the international news. She is killed in a fire. She is never referred to by name in her appearence, only being referred to as the Puerto Rican woman. She was originally planned to have her own story that actually already has an intro where she introduces herself by name. However, there was too little need to introduce this character into the Abe series in a full time role, so it was scrapped.

Estefani also appeared in The Final Days of Abraham Short - Abe's New Year.