"Suck my dick and I will give you fifty bucks." - Alex Mania

Alexander J. Mania
Alex Mania
Character Info
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birthday February 14, 1998 (Age 13)
Debut The Abraham Trilogy - Part 1: Abe Gets a Blowjob
Voice Cepstral William
Genitalia Size 2 in.
Family Megalo Mania (Sister)

Hank Mania (Uncle)
Isaiah Mania (Uncle)
Jackson Mania (Uncle)
Shits Mania (Uncle)
Rodney Mania (???)

Favorite Food Cock vagina nipple pee-pee penis ass cunt whores

Alexander J. Mania is a 13-year-old boy who enjoys jerking off his 2-inch long wiener while performing autoerotic asphyxiation. He likes other shit too, though, like lolicon and men. He is Abe's best friend and the second main character ever introduced into the Abe series.

Alex Mania has an identical twin sister, Megalo Mania, who was introduced in Season 2 of Abe.

Alex Mania has around 15 centric episodes, the second most of any character, with the most obviously belonging to Abe, who has over 40.

His theme music is Level 4 from Mission T.H.I.N.K. by The Learning Company.

Alex Mania is also set to appear in Screwdriver Tree's Over All.

Centric Episodes

  • Abraham Special: Alex Mania Goes on a Liesurely Stroll
  • Alex Mania and the Quest for the Mystical Rope
  • Abraham Special - Abe and Alex Mania Go Trick-Or-Treating
  • Abraham Short - Abe and Alex Mania Go Out On the Town
  • Abraham Short - Alex Mania Visits the Dentist's Office
  • Abraham Short - Where's My Headset?
  • Abraham Special - Alex Mania's Valentine's Day
  • 1647.wmv
  • Abraham Short - Abe and Alex Mania Visit the Carnival
  • Abraham Finale - The Numbers
  • Abraham Special - A New Challenger
  • Abraham Short - Alex Mania and Megalo Mania Spend Some Quality Time
  • Abraham Short - Alex Mania Goes on a Liesurely Stroll 2
  • Abe Travels Through Time 2: Old Wounds Reopen - Part 1


  • Alex Mania didn't have a voice at all until an unfinished Abe episode was released. The first canonical video to use William as Alex Mania's voice was Abraham Short - Alex Mania Goes on a Liesurely Stroll, and consequently Alex Mania and the Quest for the Mystical Rope.

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