Abraham Teaches - Abe Teaches You Sexual Education was the sixth video ever uploaded to the xxxxxxxxxabeiscoolxx channel. It was written and uploaded on July 20, 2011 on the same day as Abraham Teaches - Abe Teaches Health Education 9. In it, Abe taught a class of Sex Ed. It was the first episode of Abraham Teaches.

On September 30, 2011, it was taken down from YouTube for policy violations, alongside Abe's Spring Cleaning Adventure and Abraham Special - Alex Mania: The Story Behind The Faggot. Although both Abe's Spring Cleaning Adventure and The Story Behind The Faggot were found and recovered, Abe Teaches You Sexual Education still remains lost. It is the only video on the channel to have ever been completely lost, with no backups existing.

There is a small possibility of a remake some time in the future.



Notable Quotes

"I'm dead serious." (Origin)

"Drugs will kill you."

"You wonder if the voice in your head is sarcasm or not."

"You sit down as the professor asks."

"...peeing on PlayStations together."

" the shower."

"...on camera."

"...during the apocalypse."

"You will die if you have syphilis. It is 100% fatal."

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