Abraham Specials are Phase 2 style videos released mostly on holidays, or in very few cases, to give a story to a character that normally doesn't star in one. There have been specials based during Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day to date. The Season 1 Finale, The Numbers, is considered an Abraham Special. 

There are numerous cancelled or unfinished specials, most namely Dr. Mania and the Heinous Manus and Franken-Abe, both slated for release on, before, or slightly after Halloween 2012, to follow up on the previous year's Abraham Special - Abe and Alex Mania Go Trick-or-Treating

Although it is more like a short, Abraham Special - Alex Mania Goes on a Liesurely Stroll is under the Abraham Specials category, because it was the first video to star Alex Mania. Its sequel, Abraham Short - Alex Mania Goes on a Liesurely Stroll 2, is under the Abraham Shorts category. This is the only video series to have this inconsistency.