Abraham Short is a series of Abe videos in which the time frame is usually unknown. The first short was Abraham Short - Abe's Strip Club Adventure. Abraham Shorts were meant to be very short Abe stories, taking place in around 3-5 minutes, as the only video yet released at the time of its creation was Abraham Trilogy - Part 1, which was 10 minutes long.

However, as time went on and the story became more developed, it became more and more difficult to constrain the videos to the 3-5 minute range, and instead they fell into the 8-20 minute range, surpassing the amount of time Abraham Trilogy took. Despite this, the category of videos is still called Abraham Short. 

Abraham Short is the most common Abe show. Through the entirety of Season 1 and most of Season 2, only a few Abraham Shorts actually tied into the story, but presently, all Abraham Shorts tie in. As of November of 2015, all Abraham Shorts have the prefix "The Final Days of Abraham" rather than Abraham Short, to denote that they are canon. Normal, non-canon Abraham Shorts will also be released later on, and they started up again on 4/20/2016.

Abraham Shorts are Phase 1Phase 2, or Phase 3 style videos at different times.


  • Abraham Short was conceived before the original Abraham Trilogy video was released. The first videos that could be considered Abraham Shorts are actually not on Abe's channel.