Abraham P. Rodriguez, Jr.
Abe Rodriguez Resized
Character Info
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birthday October 14, 1976 (Age 35)
Debut The Abraham Trilogy - Part 1: Abe Gets a Blowjob
Voice Cepstral Lawrence
Genitalia Size ~17in.
Family Godfrey S. Rodriguez (Brother)

Abraham P. Rodriguez, Sr. (Father)
Erma Rodriguez (Grandmother)
Melody Rodriguez (Niece)

Favorite Food Popcorn Chicken, Coleslaw & Chocolate Milk

Abraham Povaries Rodriguez is the main character of the Abe series. He is Alex Mania's best friend and the brother of Godfrey Rodriguez. He has been romantically interested in Sauce-Chan and Megalo Mania

He had a wife in the first episode of the series who was never mentioned again.

Abe is the first character ever created for the Abe series, hence the namesake of the series. Abe has appeared in almost every one of the videos to date. Abe is stupid. 

Abe has an enormous penis and likes to brag about it often. In the videos, it has been mentioned to be anywhere from 15-17 inches long. 

Abe is 35 years old, born in 1976, and his brother shortly after. His theme music is A Day at the Sea from Spongebob.

Abe's favorite song of all time is Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake.


  • The Abraham Trilogy - Part 1: Abe Gets a Blowjob (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe's Strip Club Adventure (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe Visits the Dentist's Office (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe Brings Out the Best in Sims 3 (Star)
  • Abraham Teaches - Abe Teaches Health Education 9 (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe Goes For a Road Trip to KFC (Star)
  • Abe's Random Antics - Alex Mania Died (Star)
  • Abe invades Suicide Mouse (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe Destroys the Sky (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe does his Weekly Shopping (Star)
  • Unfinished Short - Alex Mania's Birthday (Star)
  • Unfinished Short - Abraham Trilogy - Part 2 (Star)
  • Abraham Special - Alex Mania Goes on a Liesurely Stroll (Guest)
  • Abraham Short - Abe Saves Reno (Star)
  • Abe Travels Through Time: Abe and Godfrey Save Time (Co-star)
  • Alex Mania and the Quest for the Mystical Rope - Part 1 & 5 (Guest)
  • abefastvideo.wmv (Star)
  • cock.wmv (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe Gets a phone call from Alex Mania (Star)
  • Abraham Teaches - Alex Mania Teaches the Safety Rules of Chemistry (Guest)
  • Abraham Short - Abe takes Sauce-Chan out on a date (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Butt Sex (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Vaginas Explode (Star)
  • Abraham Special - Alex Mania: The Story Behind The Faggot (Guest)
  • Abe Survives the Zombie Apocalypse (Star)
  • Abraham Special - Abe and Alex Mania Go Trick-or-Treating (Co-star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe's Hot Pocket Adventure (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe's A Christmas Carol (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe's Spring Cleaning Adventure (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe and Alex Mania Go Out On the Town (Co-star)
  • Abraham Short - Alex Mania Visits the Dentist's Office (Guest)
  • Abraham Short - Abe Endures a Reno Summer (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe's Strip Club Adventure 2 (Co-star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe Visits the Dentist's Office 2 (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Where's My Headset (Guest)
  • Abraham Special - Alex Mania's Valentine's Day (Guest)
  • Abraham Special - Abe's Valentine's Day (Star)
  • 1647.wmv (Co-star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe and Alex Mania Visit the Carnival (Co-star)
  • Abraham Special - Godfrey's A Christmas Carol (Guest)
  • Abraham Finale - The Numbers (Co-star)
  • The Abraham Trilogy - Part 2: Abe Paints the Town Red (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Butt Sex 2 (Star)
  • Abraham Special - A New Challenger (Co-star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe Visits the Dentist's Office The Third (Star)
  • Abraham Short - The New Me (Star)
  • Abraham Short - The Gang's All Here (Co-star)
  • Abe vs. Machine: The Winter of Reno's Downfall (Star)
  • Abe Travels Through Time Old Wounds Reopen: Part 1 (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Abraham Short (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Afro Stew is Back in the Mix (Guest)
  • Abraham Short Abe and Megalo Go To The Zoo (Co-star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe Gets It Together (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Godfrey's Harmony (Co-star)
  • Abraham Lost Short Film - Abe Has a Sophisticated Dinner Party (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Abe's Bad Day (Star)
  • Abraham Short - Godfrey's Melody (Guest)

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